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We are a reference Spanish business Group with family capital that, through the parent company CORPORACIÓN F. TURIA, S.A. and its subsidiaries and investee companies, carry out various Activities, which in turn encompass different Business Lines.

With more than 80 years of existence, we base our trajectory on experience, effort, innovation, quality, job creation, commitment to the development of all the products and services we offer and corporate social responsibility, shaping all of them the guarantee of solvency, solidity and know-how that characterizes us.

Our strategy, based on expansion and internationalization, is instrumentalized with the implementation of a diversification policy based on four main Areas of Activity: CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS, CHEMISTRY, ENVIRONMENT and BIOTECHNOLOGY.


Getting our clients to place their trust in our Group of companies, in an environment of collaboration, commitment and stability, with the ultimate goal of creating value in a sustainable way for our clients and shareholders.


We want to be an important business Group with an international presence, recognized for our commitment to service and quality, generating trust in our clients, through upright, highly qualified and motivated professionals who carry out their work in an environment of loyalty and teamwork, and always with the utmost respect for our social and environmental surroundings.


LOYALTY We fulfil not only out of obligation, but because we have a commitment to our organization.

RESPECT We accept and understand how others are, their way of thinking, even if it is not the same as ours.

EQUITY It is the virtue of being fair and treating all people equally; without discrimination, arbitrariness, prejudice or partiality.

INTEGRITY It implies a firm adherence to a code of ethical values. It means being solid, thorough, and honest at work.

INITIATIVE Show an entrepreneurial behavior, initiating and promoting the necessary changes with personal responsibility.

PROFESSIONALISM Achieve efficient performance coupled with a responsible commitment.

EFFORT The value of effort is linked to hope and trust, since those who live and practice it are convinced that they will achieve their goal.

HONESTY We rely on truth and justice, without putting our own needs or interests first, adhering to a code of conduct characterized by rectitude, probity and honesty.