CORPORACIÓN F. TURIA, S.A. leads the Business Group made up of several subsidiary companies that currently offer solutions in various sectors of activity.

As the parent company of the Group of companies and being predominantly family-owned, it has undergone an important transformation in its previous strategy, based then on the management of its resources through, among others, risky financial investments with the acquisition of shares of a certain relevance in companies listed on different stock markets and with high potential returns, serving as examples, among others, FERSA (Renewable Energy) and BANCO DE VALENCIA, SA, in which with the new strategic line it was decided to divest at the most adequate with the generation of important benefits.

Being a Company whose obligation is first to preserve, and then to increase, the family assets, in recent years it has adopted a clearly more conservative profile and has evolved towards a strategy of expansion, diversification and internationalization without assuming excessive risks, dedicating part of its resources in acquisitions and investments in self-managed companies with a potential to generate reasonable returns, as well as in real estate investments with a high degree of security, being the owner of the vast majority of the properties in which the manufacturing centers of its subsidiaries are located.

CORPORACIÓN F. TURIA, S.A. it is therefore the one that determines the strategic and management lines of each of its companies, in addition to providing them with the financial support necessary for their development, either through capital contributions or participative loans.

In addition to the above, CORPORACIÓN F. TURIA, S.A. has central services composed of several Corporate Departments, through which it provides comprehensive services to its subsidiaries, such as management, financial management, administration, data analytics, legal advice, operations, human resources, management of the prevention, quality and environment, corporate social responsibility and management of regulatory compliance.

We highlight below our four main Areas of Activity, detailing in each of them the different Business Lines that comprise them, and in which we have an active presence through the subsidiaries or affiliated companies of the parent company of the Group.


Since our origins, more than 80 years ago, we have dedicated ourselves to the manufacture and commercialization of cement, incorporating a few decades later the manufacture and commercialization of concrete and mortar, as well as the exploitation of limestone quarries for the commercialization of aggregates.

Therefore, our historical vocation for the manufacture and marketing of construction materials continues to this day, being creditors of experience, knowledge and specialization certainly valued by our clients in particular and by the construction sector in general.

However, our long history is not the only endorsement that protects us, since our main objective is the search for excellence, and for this we are fully involved in the efficiency of our processes and in research, development and innovation, with the sole purpose of achieving constant improvement in the quality of our products and services.

A good construction uses the best materials, and for this reason we strive to supply the most reliable and safe products, with our own quality control laboratories. For this, we only use raw materials with the maximum guarantees that are subjected to very exhaustive controls, all with the utmost respect for our environment.

The commitment of our companies and their professionals is unquestionable, always seeking to generate security and confidence in our clients, in order to obtain their full satisfaction, through rigorous work directed by highly qualified and motivated professionals, with means and technology of last generation, with constant technical assistance, and avant-garde processes that guarantee the quality of all our products and services, because, in addition to the mandatory certifications, we have gone further, requiring us voluntarily comply with the most demanding and varied certifications to be a leader in the field of building materials.

Below we highlight the four Business Lines and the Companies that make up the CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS Activity Area.


Cementval Materiales de Construcción, S.L.

CEMENTVAL produces a wide variety of materials in the field of cement-based hydraulic binders.

For the manufacture of cement, it has a state-of-the-art grinding plant in the Port of Sagunto (Valencia), with a capacity of up to 1,000,000 tons / year. Through the grinding process and with a suitable selection of raw materials, the production of a wide range of cements of the highest quality is achieved to satisfy most of the demands of construction, both civil and residential.

The plant has modern facilities for the dispatch of bulk and bagged cement. It also has among its facilities a quality control laboratory and a production process laboratory, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee the conformity of the products with the most demanding standards for construction products.

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Cementval Materiales de Construcción, S.L.

One of the most important values is the trust we generate through efficiency in services, excellence in results and, of course, safety.

At CEMENTVAL we have facilities with the best technology, we use raw materials of the highest quality and we carry out rigorous controls in the different phases of the production process, thus creating an optimal environment for our collaborators. To do this, we have a quality control laboratory and a production process laboratory, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, to guarantee the conformity of products with the most demanding construction product standards.

For the manufacture of concrete we have various plants located in the provinces of Valencia, Alicante and Madrid. From these plants the manufacture and subsequent distribution of this material prepared to measure for its direct use in construction works is carried out.

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Cementval Materiales de Construcción, S.L.

CEMENTVAL has been a reference for years in the manufacture of wet industrial mortars supplied fresh.

The components of our mortars are prepared, dosed by weight, mixed and kneaded with the required water at the factory, to obtain a homogeneous mixture, being supplied to the work completely ready for use. We have a quality control laboratory and a production process laboratory, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee the conformity of the products with the highest standards for construction products.

Our mortars are composed of cement, sand, water and special additives that keep them workable for certain periods of time, in which the fresh mortar maintains all its characteristics, without diminishing the required properties of the hardened mortar.

For the manufacture of mortar we have several plants located in the provinces of Valencia, Alicante and Madrid. From these plants the manufacture and subsequent distribution of this material prepared to measure for its direct use in construction works is carried out.

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Áridos Carasoles, S.L.U.

Aggregate is the granulated material that is used as a raw material, especially in the construction sector. Its main characteristic is its mechanical resistance and its chemical stability.

Aggregates are an essential raw material for the development of a country, as they are used to build infrastructure and buildings. After water, it is the raw material most consumed by each inhabitant, even if it is an indirect consumption.

The high level of knowledge of the deposits, the provision of mobile and fixed equipment adapted to the particular characteristics of the exploited aggregate, together with the level of professionalism of the personnel who operate in our exploitation, guarantee a product and service that meet the needs of our customers.

We offer the aggregate in two formats: Bulk and Bagged, with our own laboratory, and all of this developed under working standards that guarantee the quality of the product and the sustainability of the activity.

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After analyzing various business opportunities, and following the new strategic line of CORPORACIÓN F. TURIA, S.A. of expansion, diversification and internationalization, we decided to invest in the chemical sector due to its great development potential and due to the circumstance of ceasing to depend solely on the national market, opening the borders to the exciting challenge of being able to have a relevant presence in international markets, with a great commitment to research, development and innovation, all of them undoubtedly key factors for the future success of our Group.

For this, CORPORACIÓN F. TURIA, S.A. acquired in 2014 the majority of the share capital of KHEME CHEMICAL, S.L., a small operating company dedicated to developing and marketing chemical products for construction. With the vast experience and deep knowledge within our Group of such products, being also consumers in our subsidiary CEMENTVAL MATERIALES DE CONSTRUCCIÓN, S.L., we knew of our capacity for their development based on what the market might demand.

That is why we base our work philosophy on the development of a wide range of products, in most cases personalized for each client, with permanent technical advice, and always depending on the needs that each of them may have. Both according to the type of raw materials they use, as well as according to the type of facilities and processes for manufacturing they have, and according to the improvement they seek, for which we commercialize additives for the production of cement, for the production of concrete and mortar, such as for ceramic production.

But our growth in the chemical sector should not be limited to the construction sector, so from the beginning we embarked on the development of additives to avoid problems on the internal and external surfaces of boilers and furnaces due to the use of high content in sulphur fuels.

In the same way, from the beginning we have promoted the development of chemical products for agriculture, which we launched on the market in 2016 with the trade name naturKhem.

The task has been titanic, but the results have been extraordinary, thanks to exhaustive research and innovation, supported by different organizations and institutions (Universities and Technological Institutes), having managed to develop products for the field capable of offering solutions in all phases of the growing cycle.

At naturKhem our philosophy is based on the development of a wide range of products for the different moments of the growing cycle, creating our own formulas, in addition to the development of a range of differentiated products to combat the main problems our customers face, as well as specific products for different fruits, always with the advice of our technicians both in the selection of the product and in its application.

We highlight below the three Business Lines that make up the CHEMICAL Activity Area.


Kheme Chemical, S.L.
Kheme Chemical Maroc, S.A.R.L.

KHEME CHEMICAL, S.L. develops innovative chemical products to solve problems in different industries and sectors.

KHEME CHEMICAL, S.L. has its own laboratory where it develops high-tech products, which are subsequently reproduced at an industrial level in optimal facilities approved by European and international regulations to guarantee the quality of its products.

The synergy between the Group companies has allowed KHEME CHEMICAL, S.L. develop the different product lines, both for the production of cement, for the production of concrete and mortar, and for the production of ceramics, with the technical knowledge of the RD&i department, which always works with the support of universities and technological institutes, but understanding the needs and problems of each sector from a user point of view.

This differential point allows our technical department to give direct assistance, develop customized products, and share good practices in the application of the products, which means important improvements in the productive results of our clients.

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Kheme Chemical, S.L.
Kheme Chemical Maroc, S.A.R.L.

KHEME CHEMICAL, S.L. has developed an innovative chemical product to avoid FOULING, SLAGGING and CORROSION problems on the internal and external surfaces of boilers and furnaces due to the use of fuels with high sulfur content in different affected industries..

We have been able to develop a high-tech additive to efficiently solve the problems associated with the use of low-quality fuels (coal, petcoke or others), which very directly affect, among others, the cement, oil, ceramic and energetic industries.

The aforementioned problem generates the obstruction and corrosion of furnaces and boilers due to the use of fuels that contain heavy metals, alkali metals and sulphur in their chemical composition, which can lead to a decrease in production, an increase in fuel consumption, unwanted shutdowns of furnaces and combustion equipment, as well as an increased risk of accidents.

Through years of research, we have an additive capable of increasing the energy efficiency and production performance of furnaces and boilers, so that with the use of KHEME OPT [S] very significant improvements are achieved, reflected in the recovery of the optimal conditions of the combustion processes and consequently of the production process.

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naturKhem - Kheme Chemical, S.L.
Kheme Chemical Maroc, S.A.R.L.

At naturKhem we develop products for the field based on Innovation (RD&i), to offer solutions in all phases of the growing cycle.

We have devised different formulations to enhance aspects such as the vigor of the vegetation, the flowering, the setting or the growth of the fruit, among others. Our products allow to advance production, improve the quantity and quality of the harvests, or enhance the color of the fruit, among others. There are solutions that promote tolerance of crops to adverse environmental conditions and quickly correct absolute nutritional deficiencies or those caused by competition with other elements.

We have an experienced team of professionals from different specialties, and our own laboratory, which provide the company with competitive advantages in efficiency and effectiveness, thus achieving very high quality products and differentiated technical advice. We seek to develop, produce and distribute products for the field that allow us to produce quality food, in a sustainable way and respecting the environment, helping to obtain profitable agricultural production for our customers.

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In order to diversify its businesses, CORPORACIÓN F. TURIA, S.A. created the ENVIRONMENTAL Activity Area, which includes environmental services, participating since 2005 in the UTE LOS HORNILLOS, which built and manages the Urban Waste Treatment and Recovery Complex located in Quart de Poblet (Valencia), promoted by the WASTE TREATMENT METROPOLITAN ENTITY (EMTRE), in the development of the Management Project for “Installation 1” included in the Zonal Waste Plan for Zones III and VIII (Management Area 1) of the Valencian Community, being the most important Waste Recovery plant in the aforementioned Community and in which most of the urban waste currently generated in Valencia city and its metropolitan area is managed, treating a total of 400,000 tons per year.

Likewise, the UTE LOS HORNILLOS also manages the network of metropolitan Ecoparks, which are facilities for the selective collection of household waste for which there are no specific containers in the traditional collection systems. The waste deposited in the Ecoparks is transported to different places, either to be reused, recycled or disposed of safely.

We highlight below the two Business Lines that make up the ENVIRONMENT Activity Area.


U.T.E. Los Hornillos

CORPORACIÓN F. TURIA, S.A. is a partner and actively participates in the management of UTE LOS HORNILLOS together with VALORIZA SERVICIOS MEDIOAMBIENTALES, S.A. and CYES INVERSIÓN Y GESTIÓN, S.L.

UTE LOS HORNILLOS is the company that has built and manages the Waste Recovery Complex located in Quart de Poblet (Valencia), being the most important Waste Recovery Plant in the Valencian Community.

It has a treatment capacity of 400,000 tons / year with more than 220 employees. It has 4 recycling lines with automatic selection, 74,000 m2 of closed warehouse area with air capture, 3 biofilters for odor purification and on-site leachate management. The plant separates the recyclable products contained in the garbage (paper / cardboard, various types of plastic, glass, scrap, aluminum ...) and produces biostabilized material and compost, an organic fertilizer that can be used in agriculture or as a soil improvement.

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U.T.E. Los Hornillos

The Ecopark is a closed and controlled facility for the selective collection and storage of waste, where the citizen can deposit free of charge the waste generated at home and for which there are no specific containers in the traditional collection systems and those of domestic origin, that may contain materials or substances of a dangerous nature and that require specific management.

The management of the Ecoparks must guarantee that the final destination of the waste is adequate, prioritizing recovery over disposal and complying with the objectives and principles reflected in the applicable regulations.

UTE LOS HORNILLOS currently manages 20 Ecoparks distributed in the metropolitan area of Valencia.

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RARA AVIS BIOTEC, S.L. was founded in the year 2004, being in 2005 when CORPORACIÓN F. TURIA, S.A. acquired a relevant stake and began to participate in the management of the Company.

The aforementioned investment was made with the aim of participating in a biotechnology-based company, a pioneer in the development and application of assisted reproduction methods in threatened animal species. After several years of research, the induction of reproductive cycles was achieved in certain animal species that were not capable of completing them spontaneously, through the administration of recombinant gonadotropins (FSH and LH) of their own in-house development and production.

CORPORACIÓN F. TURIA, S.A. has made a firm commitment to be present in a company dedicated to the improvement of our environment, absolutely focused on RD&i and with expectations of international growth, so our participation in RARA AVIS BIOTEC, S.L. it is not only strategic, but also vocational, with the conviction that by achieving scientific success, we will sooner rather than later achieve business success. For this, our financial support and in the management of the company have been quantitatively and qualitatively constant since the acquisition of our stake, having become an exciting challenge today.

Over the years, the very research nature of RARA AVIS BIOTEC, S.L., as well as a better knowledge of what the scientific community and our own clients and collaborators demand, has allowed the Company to expand its products and services, forming the four Business Lines that make up the BIOTECHNOLOGY Activity Area, which we highlight below.


Rara Avis Biotec, S.L.

Production of recombinant gonadotropins, FSH and LH, in mammalian cells (CHO). Production of Gonadotropin Subunits in Mammalian Cells and E. coli.

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Rara Avis Biotec, S.L.

Production of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies against FSH and LH subunits (alpha, beta-FSH and beta-LH) for Western blot, ELISA and immunohistochemistry. Development of ELISA assays for the determination of plasma concentrations of FSH and LH.

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Rara Avis Biotec, S.L.

Expression of FSH and LH receptors (FSHR and LHR) associated with reporter genes in eukaryotic cell lines for assay of biological activity of plasma or recombinant gonadotropins.

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Rara Avis Biotec, S.L.

RARA AVIS BIOTEC, S.L., in collaboration with other companies and Research Groups, develops protocols for the induction of gamete maturation in fish and other vertebrates through the administration of recombinant gonadotropins.

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Rara Avis Biotec, S.L.

Bioinformatics is a subdiscipline of biology and computer science whose main objective is focused on the acquisition, storage, analysis and dissemination of biological data. This way, bioinformatics is defined as the application of computational tools to understand and effectively use biological and biomedical data.

From Rara Avis Biotec, S.L. we apply our knowledge and technology in bioinformatics to study the biotechnology of reproduction from a much more global molecular perspective, thus allowing us to answer the unknowns that this field proposes.

To provide support in all the stages that encompass projects for the characterization and induction of the reproductive cycle in vertebrates:
-Advice and design of ad-hoc bioinformatics projects..
-Transcriptomics analysis: Quality control and filtering, RNA-Seq alignment, normalization and quantification, differential expression analysis, functional annotation, and enrichment analysis.
-De novo transcriptome assembly for non-model organisms: Reconstruction and obtaining the transcriptome reference of non-model organisms without reference genome for transcript identification, differential expression analysis, and subsequent analysis.
-Microbiome analysis (16S rRNA, ITS, shotgun metagenomics): Taxonomic classification, data visualization, diversity and functional analysis.

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